Thursday, June 25, 2009

1651. A life raft bullet hole plug, it was part of a kit for a life raft that was carried on an airplane or large ship.

1652. This was most likely used for scaling maps, but I haven't been able to find any further information on it.

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1653. A wood turning tool called a caliper chisel or sizer, it was used to make grooves in a workpiece on a lathe. If you were making chair legs and wanted to copy the design, you could adjust the tool like a caliper on the original and then use it cut a similar groove in the next piece. The tool would be placed over the duplicate in the lathe and then pushed down. When the tool drops to the other side of the workpiece, the groove is identical to the original.

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1654. The seller said that this was a water pump for a jet ski, though it's actually a fuel pump.

A view of the inside:

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1655. Embossing tools, these could have been used on leather, cloth, paper or metal, to stencil, fold, transfer patterns, or create designs. They could also have been used as tracing tools and for doing artwork on stencils for Mimeograph/Hectograph type machines.

They are also similar to the tools in this pouncing kit.

1656. These are horseshoe nails, they're flat on one side and have two bevels on the other, as seen at the link.

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